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Longarm Quilting Services by Cindy Stohn


I know a lot of hard work goes into finishing a quality quilt top,
so my number one goal is to complete your quilt top with beautiful quilting! 

Thank you for the opportunity to help make your quilt top a work of art!

Current pricing for quilting services


  1. Pricing is  determined by the square inches of the quilt top. To find the price for the quilting, measure your quilt's length and width in inches and follow this model: Length x Width x Rate. Example: 90 x 70 x .02 = 126.00
    Edge to Edge Pantograph: .02-.035/sq. inch .(Min. $50)
    All pantographs are digitally stitched on a computerized machine. There are hundreds of design available for almost every theme or look you want to accomplish. Sometimes pantographs have to be done by hand (if you have appliqué/pictures) to go around. Any pantographs done by hand fall under a different wait time and pricing structure than the computer guided  designs. Pricing is determined by density of design.   

  • Pantograph with Custom Borders: .04/sq. inch (min $60)
    pantograph designs are limited to patterns that will fit accordingly. Pricing is determined on the number of borders and density of design. 
  • Custom: Runs between .07-.15 sq. inch (Min. $95)  Block design, stenciling, crosshatching, stitch in the ditch, feathering etc. My freehand custom work consists of quilting designs customized for your quilt. I also have many computerized motifs and borders to choose from to match your themes. Pricing is determined by density and style of the quilting. 
  • Appliqué: starts at .07/sq. inch Min ($75)
    Outline appliqué and custom work around it.  
  • Heirloom: call to discuss-I also work with vintage quilts.
  • Other Services
  •  Batting:
    I carry Quilter’s Dreams mid-loft 80/20, 100% Cotton and Wool  I only charge for what is used on the quilt. 
  • Thread: Thread is included in the price of the quilting. Extra charges may apply with specialty threads used on the backing 
  • Backing: $10 per seam.   Please call to discuss when using Minkee.
    Pressing: I rarely need to press quilts or backings but if your quilt comes to me balled up and wrinkled, it will cost you $25 :) 
  • Trimming: $15-$25 By request only. I typically trim 1/2” away from the edge of the quilt top. If you like to turn extra into the binding for fullness, please specify how close you would like the backing and batting trimmed.  
  • Binding: I only do straight edge binding by machine with mitered corners. I machine stitch to the back and machine sew to the front.   charge by the linear inch.  *$0.12/linear inch for prepared binding.  Please prepare LxWx2 +15 inches.  For binding that I prepare; $.22/linear inch.  To find the price for binding, follow this model: Length+ Width x 2 x rate (ex. 72 + 92 x 2 x .22 = $72.16)  

Shipping Instructions


  • Shipping instructions  
  • Please call or email me to let me know you are shipping your project to me. I like to track the packages both to me, and then back to you.
  • You can ship using any carrier you like. I have a UPS account number that is available for use, and the exact charges will be billed to you. 
  • Try to use a box the right size for your contents (quilt top / backing and batting). Boxes that are over or under stuffed tend to be damaged more often than correctly sized boxes. Over stuffed boxes tend to explode while the under packed boxes tend to get crushed. 
  • Use appropriate packing material if your box is larger than it’s contents. This will help the box from being crushed. Note: your objective is to keep the box from being crushed during shipping and not to protect the quilt top from damage. Consider placing the contents in a plastic bag in the unlikely even that the carton gets wet during shipping. Good packing materials: Air bubbles, bubble wrap, wads of newspaper, Kraft paper or brown paper bags, reused foam from other packaging, eggshell foam and clean egg cartons (no eggs please) ;). 
  • Bad packing materials: packing peanuts, shredded paper or plastic bags. If you must use these items, please put them in zip lock bags before you put them in the box. 
  • Include a piece of paper with instructions about return address and a phone number and contact person) form in the box and your return address on the outside of the box.
  • Tape your box well. Many boxes arrived damaged because they were not taped well. Aim for a strip across the flaps and one on each end. Double-check the bottom of your box especially if you are reusing an old box.
  • Returning your quilt;  I will return the quilt UPS or FedEx - unless otherwise arranged.  If you would like me to insure it for more than the company minimums, please let me know.  
    Please let me know if you would like for me to have your packages signed for on delivery.  

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